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    Digital StoreFront

    We help you sustain reliable digital commerce with your customer

    Social and Digital Front Office

    We help you listen to your customers and engage with them at critical “moments of truth” to make every customer touch-point uniquely yours.

    Responsive Web Development

    Ensure that your website responds to the user’s behavior and are accessible through a variety of devices, platforms, and browsers.


    Build a future-proof eCommerce solution that is aligned to the new reality of mobile, social, and personalization and performs much beyond a digital storefront.

    Connected Social Conversation

    Your brand is created by a collection of conversations. Understand where people learn and engage in discussions about your brand and respond to them in real-time.

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    Aditi helps you stay relevant with your customer by bring your brand experience to the mobile world.

    Mobile Digital Assistant

    Delivering on the move assistance to the always connected customer through intelligent mobile digital assistants that automates processes and integrates real-time customer preferences.

    Brand apps

    Helping brands extend their personalized and differentiated experience to the mobile customers, be it on iOS, Android, Blackberry or Tizen.

    Mobile BI

    Enabling customers to make intelligent business decisions on the go through actionable business insights on their mobile devices.

    Mobile Wallet

    We help create and incorporate new age mobile commerce solutions to increase loyalty and reduce transaction time dissonance.

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    We help you make smarter, fact-based decisions based on reliable and relevant customer data.

    Single view of customer

    Create a single real-time dashboard of your customer through advanced analytics and real-time data. Understand their behavior and personalize the offerings at scale.

    Customer Segmentation

    Obtain precise customer analyses and create unique customer segments to develop a greater personalization of products, services and marketing.

    RFM analysis

    Gain deeper understanding of customers’ buying habits and lifestyle preferences, for accurate predictions of future buying behaviors.

    Loyalty/ LTV analytics

    Create and maintain complete customer profiles, personalizing all customer interactions to build a lifetime relationship with your customer.

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    Develop, modernize, scale and transform infrastructure and platforms.

    Cloud Strategy

    Rapidly evaluate, define opportunities and the roadmap to move your IT to the Cloud and create the optimal platform for building Systems of Engagement

    IaaS migration

    Drive flexibility and scalability by moving your infrastructure to the Cloud, only having to focus on customer's journey.

    PaaS development

    Develop amazing apps and platforms that could be easily extended without having to worry about the complex infrastructure.

    SaaS integration

    Connect third party SaaS applications to existing on-premises apps. Use the applications based on demand and pay only for what you use.

    Cloud Ops

    Optimize and streamline your cloud operations. Monitor it closely to deliver faster, better customer experience with fewer risks

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    Kinetic Engineering

    We approach engineering the same way you approach customer innovations – quickly learn, build, test, and adapt to customer dynamics.

    Minimum Viable Product (MVP) design

    Rapidly experiment and validate new ideas with the right Minimum Viable Product and sound engineering, keeping you ahead of customer expectations.

    Accelerate with Agile

    Solve the biggest of customer challenges through an iterative and incremental development approach, which is achieved through self – organizing and cross – functional teams.

    Test Automation

    Shorten ship cycles while promoting software quality to ensure that your systems are customer worthy. We follow an intensive and iterative approach, for an error-free and fully tested software faster.

    Deployment and DevOps

    Kinetic Engineering follows a collaborative approach, involves key stakeholders at every level and offers complete transparency. Create capability for continuous delivery by bringing together development and operations, and respond more rapidly to customer feedback.

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    We create memorable and relevant experiences for customers that goes beyond the ordinary.

    Customer Research & Insights

    Gain an in-depth understanding of your customer’s needs, their behavioral patterns, attitudes and expectations from your industry, business and brand and draw actionable insights.

    Customer Journey Mapping

    Understand exactly how your customer experiences and perceives your brand by being a part of the customer journey at every touch point.

    User Experience Design

    Build seamless, intuitive and aesthetically optimized interactions across channels and devices to deliver memorable and engaging experience for your customers.

    Accessibility and Usability Testing

    Measure and optimize the customer’s interaction with your digital products by making your products available for everyone, including the differently abled.


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